Devin Wu is a miracle worker! As a professional ballet dancer, Iím frequently dealing with injuries such as tendonitis and severe muscle spasms as well as common ailments like a kink in the neck or back. Devinís combined knowledge of acupuncture and physical therapy has been essential to keeping my body at top performance level in the most effective, sustainable way. Because of the combination of eastern and western practices in his work, he understands the human body in a unique way and always manages to get to the root of things rather than just chipping away at the surface. He consistently works wonders for me, and I advise anyone in need of bodywork to visit Devin Wu.


I met Devin a few years ago and we got to talking about what he did, and his knowledge about back pain. I had suffered for most of my adult life (about 15 years or so) with recurrent, sometimes severe, back pain. At the time I thought to myself- I should give him a try, nothing else has ever worked so what have I got to lose? I sent a friend to him first Ė she was suffering from neck pain so severe she broke down in tears at work one day. As I watched her get better and better with Devinís care, I finally made the appointment for myself. I could tell immediately that he was on to something as he examined me and started to discern what was going on with my body. After the 3rd appointment I knew he had figured things out Ė I was already feeling much less pain and was completely happy with the results. I didnít really expect my problem to go away completely. However, after about the 6th treatment I was pain free for the first time in years.

I never expected this to work Ė Iím a natural born skeptic, and had very little experience with acupuncture. I was shocked and amazed at how his treatments made my back feel so loose, strong, and pain free. He not only diagnosed and treated my pain, but taught me enough about what was going on that I can now be more proactive to prevent back pain, and retrain my body to stop over compensating and causing the pain. I still make the occasional maintenance appointment and I always look forward to seeing him. His easy bedside manner and gentle treatments are always relaxing. I would (and have) recommend Devin to any of my friends or family who have chronic pain or injuries.


An exercise enthusiast, about ten years ago, during a mountain bike ride I experienced sharp pain in my leg. At the time I worked in the software industry, spending 50-60 hours at the computer a week and already had history of lower back pain. The pain settled in my hip and was exacerbated by my daily commute and exercise. A sports doctor discovered a leg length discrepancy that was a source of the problem. Armed with this information, I expected that a physical therapist would be able to help me. Two physical therapists did there best to help me though massage and exercise, but the pain continue for nearly ten years.

I sought help from Devin Wu in the hope that acupuncture might help in a way that traditional physical therapy could not. Devin was careful to distinguish between the cause and symptoms of the pain. He also gave me tips for self-care and exercises. With in a several sessions involving acupuncture and adjustments, the pain is nearly eliminated. I highly recommend Devin Wu and his integrative approach to physical therapy.


When I first met Devin I as literally desperate for help. I've had an accident in 2004 and hurt my neck pretty bad. After almost 3 years going to doctors, specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc... I was clearly losing hope of ever getting better and being able to have a normal young woman's life. I couldn't dance, couldn't work out at the gym like my friends, biking, bowling, playing tennis, even working was getting harder since my line of work is very physical. That's when a co-worker mentioned him. She told me he was really good in what he did and seemed very knowledgeable in his area.

From day one Devin was always very thorough,actually paid attention to my concerns, was very positive and extremely patience with my frustrations. He made me understand that it would be a slow process and I should see as business and try not to be too emotional about it. That helped me to start treatment more open minded. I've been to so many other places and seen so many people that it was hard to believe yet another one. But he is truly different, I made a lot of progress with him and can't wait to get even better until I'm 100%. However I still think he should move to San Jose... :) That's ok, he is totally worth the trip to San Francisco!


Devin Wu is a miracle worker. Using a combination of Eastern and Western medicine, combined with his comforting presence, he has on several occasions almost instantly alleviated severe pain I was suffering. On one occasion, I went in to see him because I had an extremely painful spasm in my neck/shoulder muscle. It was so bad I couldnít get out of bed without rolling to the side. I had to get on a plane for a business trip that afternoon. Thanks to Devin, not only did I make the plane but by the time I touched down the spasm had completely stopped and I was pain free. On another occasion, I saw Devin for a horrible migraine I was having while pregnant- what I described earlier as the worst headache I had ever had in my life. He worked on the headache from many different angles (jaw, neck, shoulder, face, head) and that night, the headache miraculously lifted.

On many occasions, Devin has alleviated the tension I carry in my shoulders and neck producing an almost euphoric sense of relaxation. I canít describe how he does it as it is such an interesting hybrid of Western and Eastern medicine, but I can tell you it works and Devin is my go to person for any ache or pain. I recommend him to everyone I know and rest easier knowing he is close by.


I'm an active gal, who has a nasty habit of injuring herself during the process. I don't have time to let injuries hold me up, so I rely on Devin Wu at Wu's Wellness Center to keep me functioning!

Wu's Wellness Center takes a wonderful integrative approach to healing and rehabilitation. Devin is not only a licensed acupuncturist, he is also a licensed physical therapist. Through a unique integrative approach, Devin is able to treat my injuries through traditional physical therapy, as well as utilize acupuncture and Eastern medicine to assist in the healing process.

Devin has an amazing ability to heal, and his gentle and reassuring manner is very easing. His ability to get me back on my feet after an injury is wonderful. There's nothing worse than having an injury that keeps you from doing the things that you love. That being said, I am a true believer in the treatment I receive from Wu's Wellness Center because it helps me to get back to doing the things I love FASTER.

The clinic is wonderful and you feel totally at ease. I highly recommend Devin for anyone who needs help rehabilitating from an injury!